Hello, I'm Youssef EL ALAMI

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My Academic Career

September 2022 - Present

Digital Science Engineering

Currently, I am in my first year of Digital Sciences at INP-ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France. This training aims to train engineers in new information technologies, computer science, applied mathematics, telecommunications and networks.

September 2020 - June 2022

2-year technical degree Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

This diploma (DUT GEII) aims to train middle managers capable of setting up and managing electrical installations, designing, producing, programming and maintaining fixed or on-board electronic boards (automotive, avionics, robotics, etc.), automating and controlling industrial processes. And also to manage and maintain industrial computer networks, to analyse and develop information processing and transmission systems.

Lorraine University

International Mobility

I spent part of my fourth semester (from January to April 2022) in Sweden as part of Erasmus+.

Through this experience, I've gained a solid knowledge of English and enhanced my interpersonal and communication abilities. Additionally, I have had Swedish experiences such as taking an ice bath on a frozen lake and seeing the Northern Lights.

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My Experiences

June – July 2023

Biomedical internship

Integration into SOMADIAG’s technical department for the preparation, maintenance and installation of biomedical PLCs.

April - June 2022

Regulation technician

During my two years of technical studies in electrical engineering and computer science, I interned at Regulux & Associés S.A.R.L. to learn the fundamentals of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) controller optimization and reprogramming from Kieback & Peter and Distech.

Regulux & Associés s.à.r.l.
January - June 2021

Participation in a robotics competition

As part of a tutorial project proposed by our university, we were a group of 5 students in electrical and computer engineering, we participated in TechnoBot competition, we designed a robot that picks up a cane, makes a path and puts it in a hole.

Lorraine University

Civic Engagement

A workshop organized by "La fresque du Climat" was held at ENSEEIHT. It suggests a 42-card collaborative serious game in which participants draw a Fresk summarizing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's work. So I was able to attend this workshop and learn about the causes and consequences of climate change.

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"MyJobGlasses Interview"

In order to be better oriented, I had a one-hour interview with Mr. Jean-Louis who is an infrastructure architect at Capgemini.

Personal Professional Project

A project initiated by the Human & Soft Skills Department at ENSEEIHT in order to have a clearer vision of our professional project and future aspirations.

And you can find below my January presentation, French cover letter, my Mobility roadmap, my LinkedIn account, and you can find my CVs in the "About Me" section.

PPP presentation Cover letter Mobility roadmap LinkdeIn

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About Me

Hello, my name is Youssef EL ALAMI, and after graduating from IUT de Longwy (Lorraine University) with a two-year technical degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, I began studying digital science at ENSEEIHT (Toulouse - INP), with the goal of working in the computer science field after graduation.

I spent the first three months of 2022 studying abroad at Dalarna University in Sweden. After my international mobility, I worked as an intern for Regulux & Associés S.A.R.L. for four months as a regulation technician. I am fluent in three languages (English, French and Arabic). I learned some Swedish during my mobility, and I am currently learning Spanish at ENSEEIHT.

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